"St.St. Constantineand Elena " Monastery






city of Ivailovgrad, Ivailovgrad municipality

Established XIІІ century
Chronology Middle Ages,the Renaissance
History and description

The monastery was founded in the 13th century, as was later demolishedandre built in 1846.In the second half of the 19thcentury,formed asan ensemble oftwocourtyard-monk-pilgrim and business. In the first ofthem was abody with monastic cells, food block with a kitchen,oven and dining are and a large two-storyinn. In the second courty ard were built stables and hay.Surrounded in the 1970s with large stonewall and it architecture today radically different from that of other Rhodope monasteries.

Interesting facts Do you know …

... В Ивайловградския манастир не се предлага настаняване.

Status of the cultural site

The monasterywas declared acultural monument.

Other sites nearby

  • History museum;
  • Paskalev house;
  • Aterenski Bridge.


Accessible by car
It is better too rganize one day preorders and guide from Tourist information center – Ivailovgrad.


Tourist information center - Ivailovgrad
Tel: 0883 46 00 97 03661/6039


Wake - 21 May.