Adventure farm of Huskovo family






Plevun village, Ivailovgrad municipality



Историческа справка и описание

Tourist attraction"The Way ofthe cheese" was officially opened in a sheep farm of Huskovi family in Plevun village, Municipality of Ivaylovgrad (Eastern Rhodopes) on September 18, 2012. Attraction"The way the cheese" was developed and funded by "New Thracian Gold" in the period November 2011-August 2012 Tourists and visitors can watch how to milk sheep,how to make yogurt and make cheese.Through demonstrations of traditional farming techniques and tasting homemade products aims to attract more visitors who leave in come in the local economy, improving the standard of living of the local population. Plevun village is situated between the last hills of the Eastern Rhodopesat the foot of Mount"St.Elias", called by locals "Barchinkata". It is the second largest village in the municipality of Ivaylovgrad.In Chairite about 2 km north of the village is discovered the longest so far known Thracian dolmen in the Rhodope Mountains,which is distinguished by its unique architectural design.

Interesting facts Do you know …

... ..In addition you will see how goes the way of cheese- from sheep to the table, you can hear the songs of grandmothers from Plevun village

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