Aterenski bridge





Location city of Ivailovgrad, Ivailovgrad municipality
Established XVI century AC
Chronology Late-medieval
History and description

The Aterenski bridge is a late-middle age construction above the Armira river (called also Aterenska) in East Rhodope Mountain near town of Ivailovgrad. The nowadays bridge was built in XVI century but before it at same place there was existed an ancient Roman road leading to the "White Sea", and later connected the fortified town-fortress Lyutitsa with the district.

Nowadays a part of the bridge is ruined but in combination with the surrounding cultural-historical attractions it still attracts visitors.

Interesting facts Do you know …

...Aterenskariverrisesto 569m aslfrom thesource - thefountainin the formerfarmyard in the village of Cherni rid, Municipality of Ivaylovgrad, in the Sartridgeof the Eastern Rhodopes.

Status of the cultural site It is declared an archeological monument of culture of local significance.
Other sites nearby

  • Ancient Romevilla "Armira";
  • Medieval fortress “Lyutitsa”;
  • Thracian tomb"Golyamata mogila"–village ofSvirachi


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  • 14 February is declared to be the day of the city of Ivailovgrad
  • Lazarovden