Osman Baba Tyurbe





Location village Teketo, Haskovo Municipality


Chronology Middle age
History and description

It was built around 1507 during the reign of Sultan Bayezid II (1481-1512).A height of 11 meter sand a diameter of 7.2 meters and the dome was built on the square white sand stone, with marble portal.According to Evliya Çelebiin the 17th century the tyurbe is at the center of a larger religious complex (Tekke), which today is not preserved.In 1976 it was restored. In 1993 the interior of the tyurbe is decorated with frescoes scenes painted by Alexander Terzieva mateurartist from Haskovo. Who is Osman Baba? Answer to this question provides the archeologist Dimcho Aladzhov (1930-2010). Here is a translation of the tombstone: „BEAUTIFUL END! Should Almighty wishes and fills the country with His favors, it shall be a source of Osman Baba. Finding benevolence and in the lands of Rumelia, he grew and created himself there. He took the path of all worthy old people. As a leader of Jamaa, he in a sea of boundless blessing was a keeper of sadness and sorrow (ambiguity due to stone abrasion). Came from Hursan in seven hundred and ninety year (1389), he gave his hand to the rayah in Rumelia to be prayed by the praying. In the year eight hundred and eighty three (1479) Osman Baba transferred into eternity.” During the past century the Osman Baba teke has been declared monument of culture.

Interesting facts Do you know …

... Teke (in Turkish: tekke) means a Muslim monastic community, a monastery, usually complex of ritual buildings where the central place is for a heptagonal building named tyurbe, meaning tomb/mausoleum (most frequently symbolic) of a saint. … The oldest teke in Bulgaria, which are as well the greatest and best known, are four: Demir Baba’s near the village of Sveshtari, Isperih area; Akyazal Baba’s in the village of Obrochishte, Dobrich area; Kademli Baba’s near the village Sokol, Nova Zagora area; and the one of Osman Baba near the village Teketo, Haskovo area.

Other sites nearby

  • • East of Osman Baba Tyurbe is located small tyurbe with two symbolic graves.


There is no limitto the capacity of the parking area and the surrounding area. The object gather about 20 people simultaneously.