Rome road and Thracian sanctuary “Cromlech”





Location Dolni Glavanak village, Madzharovo municipality
Established VIII - VI century BC
Chronology Possible origin Eneolithic, Neolithic.
Supposed lyits origin can be related to the proto Thracian culture and used repeatedly by various following cultures
History and description

This Thracian sanctuary (cromlech) is located on a hill, 2 km west of the village Dolni Glavanak, 12 km from the city of Madzharovo. Sanctuary was opened in 1998 by Dr. George Nehrizov and remained in relatively good condition. Dates back to the VIII - VI century BC and represents religious facility - a primitive stone calendar, consisting of several vertical pyramid stone blocks (Cromlech) placed directly on the rock. Paddock sacred space where rituals were held, in the shape of a circle with a diameter of 10 meters. There are two smaller facilities remains of children's funerals conducted by cremation south of Cromlech.

Interesting facts Do you know …
... The most famous cromlechs in the world are Stonehenge in England and Carnac in Brittany. The name itself - Cromlech comes from the Breton language, where “crom” means circle, and “lech” - stone.
... Tribal affiliations of the creators of megalithic monuments have not been definitively established.
Statute of the site Monument of national importance
Statute of the site

  • „Asara” fortress, Rabovo village;
  • Thracian Rock Tombs , Pchelari village;


Eco path paved with gravel and wooden railings for 10-15 minutes.