The Bukelon Fortress and the rock churches





Name The Bukelon Fortress and the rock churches
Location village of Matochina and village of Mihalich, Haskovo region
History and description

Fortress Bukelon (meeting as "Vukelon") is located near the village of Matochina, Svilengrad municipality. Above the village are preserved ruins of a medieval tower (donjon), built in XII-XIII century on the foundations of the great ancient fortress Bukelon. She was Episcopal center subordinated to the andrianopoulos metropolitan between VII-XIII century. In 1205 at this place the forces of Tsar Kaloyan defeated the army of the Crusaders and captured their leader - emperor Baldwin. The battle ends with the complete defeat of the knight's army, and on the battlefield, as it says Geoffroy de Villehardouin, "died the color of western chivalry". Legend has it that the emperor spent his first night as a prisoner in the fortress, and therefore, the castle is known as the Baldwin Tower among the locals. Rock church in Mihalich village Southeast of the village, in the Aypandoregion, deep into the rock beneath rocky terraceis carved an interestin gold church.Among the local population hasa tradition of the Feast of All Saintsin the church and around it to perform various rituals-church service and sacrifice. Rock church in Matochina village The churchis located in the Dekilya kaya region, about 2 km southwest of Matochina village.

Interesting facts

Do you know …
...In Archaeological studies made, near the front door of the castle was found cross with integrated monogram of XIV century and inscribed the name Michael.It is known that around 1328, Bulgarian Tsar Michael fought against Andronikos III, reaches Dimotica, today's Northern Greece.

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