Thracian sanctuary „Gluhitekamani”





Name Thracian sanctuary „Gluhitekamani”
Location Malko Gradishte village, Lyubimets municipality
History and description

„Gluhite kamani” rock sanctuary is among the largest Thracian cult sites. Includes several large, cut by deep gorges rock massif. At the foot of one of them is carved rock tomb.
The great interest in the „Gluhite kamani” is mainly due to the numerous niches carved on the vertical sides of up to 30 m high cliffs. In south beneath thesetheseniches is situated a rock platform on where was built a church in the 5th or 6th century.
In the minds of the ancient inhabitants of the Rhodope mountains, these rock massifs were sacred. According to the Thracians the height of the rock symbolized a rite of passage from the everyday life to the sacred one. The one who rises through the gate of the sanctuary, which lead to heaven, ceases to be a man - get to the top, touched by the first rays of the sun, the priest enters into another, new and clean space ...

Interesting facts

Do you know …
In the summer of 2008 started systematic archaeological research with the most interesting discovery in the same year - rock engraving (Petroglyph) carved into the bottom of a cliff niches. It is estimated that the image is a solar symbol - a stylized image of the solar boat.

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