Charshiiska mosque (Charshi mosque)





Location 16 „Otets Paisii“ Str., Haskovo city, Haskovo municipality


Chronology New history
History and description

The name of the building is associated with place that it occupies - the center of the commercial core of the city. Now it is almost entirely surrounded by tightly adhered to her two-and three -store commercial buildings and shops, which largely isolate it from the eyes of passersby.
One feature of the prayer hall, the long axis is the transverse to the direction of entry. In the middle of the cross wall is arranged mihrab recess formed with a bevel. External architecture of the building (except the minaret) is uncharacteristic and inexpressive. During the revival process was burned and later restored by the mufti.

Interesting facts Do you know …

... There is a walledplatewith Arabiccharacters, which isundecipheredon the southwall.

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Locatedon the main streetfrom the bus station,next to theMunicipal Administration

Working time

Every day from 8.00 to 20.00