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Location 19 Svoboda Sqr., city of Haskovo, Haskovo municipality
Established 1927
History and description

February 1952 marks the beginning of a state museum with one department-"Revolutionary labor movement." In 1957, is created the department - "Archaeology" with the first curator Dimtcho Aladzhov. First drillings and excavations were carried out in city of Haskovo,in the summer of 1958 in the "Hissar" area.
In 1975 a new building was opened, equipped with offices,storage are as and exposition area. New exposures of the County Historical Museum -"Archaeology", "Ethnography", "Revival and national liberation struggles" and "Revolutionary labor movement" are found in 1982 and attract many citizens and visitors of Haskovo.
Regional Historical Museum in Haskovo store over120,000 monuments of cultural heritage, many of which have extreme value.

Interesting facts Do you know …

...Beginning of the museum in the town of Haskovo was launched in 1927 with the founding of the Archaeological Committee.Eight years later,in 1935, the Committee was converted into Archaeological Society.
...The museum has one of the best ethnographic collections. The department funds has nearly 15,000 units.

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The center of the square of the city. Guided to urin the ethnographic exhibition hall- up to 20 people about 30 minutes


Regional history museum - Haskovo
tel.: 038 624501


  • European Nightof Museums-May 18;
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