„Castra rubra” fortress





Location Izvorovo village, Harmanli municipality
Established ІV - VІІ century
Chronology Late Antique, Early Byzantine, medieval
History and description

Late Antique and Medieval fortress "Castra Rubra” is located in the "Kaleto" are, 5.53 km southwest in a straight line from the center of Izvorovo village. It is a very stable facility unique in Southern Bulgaria and one of the later perished in the Balkans in the early Byzantine period. Castra Rubra or Red Fort has a long irregular trapezoidal shape. Castle walls enclose an area of about 11 acres and built of stones cemented with mortar mixed with bits broken bricks. During the excavation has been found that each of the corners of the hold there is a single tower with a rectangular shape. There is an open reservoir within the medieval castle. Probably the fort was about 10 m high.

Interesting facts Do you know …

...After the withdrawal of Krum, unfortified settlement founded on the ruined fortress probably remained in Byzantine possession, as evidenced by found stamps of unknown Macedonia and Mesopotamia and Sinesiy Turmarh strategists, all in the second half of the ninth century

Status of the cultural site Monument of National importance
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