Thracian royal house - the "Tatar masha"





Location village of Knyazhevo, Topolovgrad Municipality;
Established III – IV century BC
History and description

Tatar Masha is an area in Southern Bulgaria, located near the village Knyazhevo, Topolovgrad municipality, Haskovo Pdistrict. It is hypothesized that in this area was an ancient Thracian town "Drongilon.
In the area Tatar Masha in the area of the ourdays village of Knyazhevo over the natural hillside there was a palace that was burnt centuries ago. The proof of which is found - charred wooden beams. Recent excavations led by Daniela Agre discovered artifacts that indicate that there are probably conducted meetings with important guests and delegations; and are concluded and signed a trade , business and political agreements.

Interesting facts Do you know …

... Researches done and ruins discovered makes it clear that only the very rich and powerful man (probably a Thracian aristocrat) can make the construction of such a massive structure, built in the Greek model.
... This is for the first time in the land of the Thracians, when royal house is buried in a mound and become a place of pilgrimage.

Status of the cultural site Cultural site of national importance
Other sites nearby

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