St. Nicholas Monastery





Name St. Nicholas Monastery
Location Kiyikoy village
Dates form Byzantine
History and description

Belongs to the period of Justinian Dynasty (527-565) in 6th century AD. and is one of the best examples of rock monasteries. Although in 19th century in front of the monastery was added wooden building, nowadays no traces have remained from it.
In the ground floor of the monastery created by excavation of rock, is the church, and in the basement lies the holy spring. Moreover, the upper floor has monastic cells for recreation and needs.

Interesting facts

Do you know …
... This is one of the oldest monasteries carved into stone cliffs.
... There is a staircase from the north of the church, leading to the holy spring.

Cultural status Significant site registered as an immobile cultural heritage.
Website – Contacts – 02883181021