Antique Theatre Vize (Odeon)





Name Antique Theatre Vize (Odeon)
Location Vize Chomlek Tepe
Dates form 2nd century AD
Chronology Roman Empire - Byzantine - Ottoman Empire - Republic
History and description

Ancient Theatre Vize dating from the Roman era in 2nd century AD. The building is discovered after excavations lasted three seasons between 1995-1997 year, pulled out of the field of residence (cavea), the paths between them (parados), building on the stage (skene) and part of the orchestra. Artifacts found during the excavations glass, metal and ceramic parts of the Roman - Byzantine - Ottoman era and marble reliefs and monuments from the scenes of Dionysus. Moreover numerous coins belonging to the emperors were found.

Interesting facts

Do you know …
... this is the only Roman theater, known in Turkish Thrace today.
... has an average capacity of 3000 spectators.
... artifacts found during the excavations are in the Museum of Kirklareli.
... there are 2 meter statue of a woman whose head was not found among the artifacts.
... city of Vize is as important as the one having particular characteristics of the Aegean geography Ancient Ephesus.
... To be able to study throughout the territory of the theater, the buildings surrounding it were nationalized. With the scientific excavations which will be carried out in the years, Vize will become the existential site of cultural tourism.

Cultural status Significant site registered as an immobile cultural heritage.
Website – Contacts – 02883181021
Events Every year during the last week of August, various events during the Festival of History and Culture are organized.