Medieval fortress „Sv. Duh”





Name Medieval fortress „Sv. Duh”
Location Mineralnibani village
History and description

On the hill “Sv. Duh” in the village MineralniBani are the ruins of ancient and medieval fortress Toplitsa. It is well preserved and is designed around the second century since the first archaeological dating evidence for the construction of baths with a cooling system. Fortress was inhabited by about 12,000 people. The foundations of the castle were laid by the Roman era. Defenses presented here are a few rectangular towers and bastions along the corners of the walls and her reservoir is the building located in the southern part of the fortress.

Interesting facts

Do you know …
...Legends say that after the battle of Klokotnitsa on March 22nd(March 9th according to the Old Style) (day of the St. 40 Martyrs) and the landslide victory of Ivan Asen II of Epirus over Despod Theodore Komnenos, wounded soldiers a retreated wounds of the Sanctuary of the Nymphsin Fortress“ Sv. Duh”.


  • Children'sethnic festival"Childrenof the Balkans -withspiritualityin Europe" - aroundJune 1st;
  • GreatFair "Bansko odushe" on March 9th;