The Thracian tomb and the Medieval fortress “Neutzikon”





Name The Thracian tomb and the Medieval fortress “Neutzikon”
Location Mezek village
History and description

On the outskirts of Mezek in Meltepe mound is situated the largest and one of the most interesting and impressive beehive tombs of Mycenaean type in Thrace. Dates back to the IV century BC and is completely preserved in its original form.
Mound is about 14 meters high. In 1908 was discovered а huge bronze boar that weighed 177 kg, by a farmer who plowed his field. Turkish police confiscated the boar and the original он is currently in the Archaeological Museum in Istanbul. Below it there is a plate that says "Found near Edirne." A plaster cast can be found in the history museum in Haskovo. Thracian tomb was discovered by Prof. BogdanFilov in 1931. Its length is 32 meters, which makes it the longest Thracian tomb found in Bulgaria and the Balkan Peninsula. The tomb is built of stone blocks with a length of 2 meters and a height of about 40 cm They are stacked without mortar on each other, as places are offset by iron clamps. Traces of six funerals are found in the tomb.
The fortress in Mezek / Neutzikon is one of the best preserved ancient fortresses in the Bulgarian lands. Located on the "Kaleto" upland, just above the western outskirts of the Mezekvillage. In defense of the fortress are included nine towers. Besides the martial functions inside of one of the towers was adapted to prison. The fortress wall is completed with top bristling battlements that were reserved century ago.

Interesting facts

Do you know … The village received a gold seal for unique European settlement, awarded by the "Official representation of the unique communities in Europe" and "European forum of experts" in 2009.

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