Boyadji oglu house






7 „Milin Kamak” Str., Haskovo city, Haskovo municipality

Време на основаване

Построената през 1850 г.

Established Build in 1850
Chronology Renaissance
History and description

Luxury, style and unique revival spirit – perhaps these words characterise best the house of the Haskovo nobleman Boyadzhi Oglu. The house shines and impresses with its beautiful decoration and landscape paintings, which have managed to unite architecture, art and imagination all in one.
The two-storey Г-shaped house was built in the mid 19-th century. A noteworthy feature of the interior design are the varied and solved by individual approaches wood-carved ceilings. Through the ceilings the master painter managed to create the feeling of higher vaulted premises, spaciousness and airiness. The impressive lounge provides a functional link to the other rooms, becoming one of the most astounding premises. The highlights in the whole of the interior painting and decorations are the richly coloured decorative patterns or so-called "Alafrangi" French niche windows. The end result is a symphony of colours, charm and subtlety.

Interesting facts Do you know …

... Today the house of Boyadzhi Oglu is turned into one of the most stylish and fashionable restaurants in Haskovo - Restaurant Alafrangite. ...Because of its high class, the restaurant was nominated in 2004 for "Restaurant of the Year" contest of the most authoritative magazine gourmet culture "Bacchus" and "Chivas Regal".

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Signs in many places in the city. Parking area is not suitable for buses, collects about 10 cars. The capacity of the restaurant is 100 places.

Working time

Monday - Saturday: 11,00 – 24,00;
Sunday 11,00 – 17,00;



038/ 664 400; 0886 587 718