The Kirkov’s School






10 „Tzar Osvoboditel” Str., Haskovo city, Haskovo municipality


19 century

Chronology Renaissance
History and description

The Kirkov’s school is a magnificent example of the Renaissance architecture on the town of Haskovo and a national cultural monument. The building enchants all visitors with its extremely rich frescos and plastic decorations. The four-column porch and the staircase railing add to the special solemnity of the site and demonstrate the aesthetic values of the Bulgarian architecture in the Renaissance period. The exceptionally beautiful garden in front of the building comes as a natural extension of the schoo. It fascinates visitors with its green vines, the deep well, exquisitely shaped boxwood and numerous flowers.
After being used as an actual school and enlivened by students every day for a very long time, in 1952 the Kirkov’s school became the seat of the Regional Historical Museum, and until 1993 sheltered the exhibition describing the life and works of the Haskovo-born world-renowned scientist Prof. Assen Zlatarov. The School currently hosts a thematic collection entitled "Haskovo Enlightenment Leaders" which exhibits materials about the most prominent personalities who contributed to the spiritual development of the city from the Renaissance to our days.

Interesting facts Do you know …

...Because of its blue facade in the city is more popular with the name"Blue House"

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Number of parking spaces is limited to very close rangeas the site falls within the blue parking zone.

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Opens by appointment only


For planned visits:
Rumen Starkovski
0879 104418