The Paskalev House






9 „Bratya Minchevi” Str., Haskovo city, Haskovo municipality


19 century

Chronology Renaissance
History and description

Undoubtedly the House of Chorbadji Pascal is a true architectural masterpiece. It was declared a cultural monument of national importance. Visitors of the house can see and trace the transition of the local people after the liberation from Turkish yoke from the traditional rural to the more urban and European lifestyles.
The Paskalev house is two-storey asymmetrical building with magnificent and very functional internal design. The semicircular bow window brings light, ease and sense of refinement, the beautifully carved ceilings, doors and cupboards bring comfort and warmth, while decorative niche with the French-style Alafrangi vaults complement the interior and give distinctive subtlety.
The ethnographic exposition exhibits real treasures illustrating the way of life of the Haskovo citizens of that time. The first floor acquaints the visitors with the everyday life of Haskovo family, while the second one impresses with its dignity of appearance and its spaciousness. The Paskalev House offers a myriad of peculiar feelings - a mixture of curiosity, aesthetic feast, comfort and security, surprise by the fact that the wooden couches in the living room live together with furniture from Vienna, the Russian Samovar teapot goes along with the European silver cutlery… And all this seems to be bound together by the traditional Haskovo carpets and rugs, with their amazing colorful stripes of various colors and composition, in which the women of Haskovo have interwoven their fine sense of beauty and aesthetics.

Interesting facts Do you know …

...Chorbadji Pascal is father of the famous during the 20-30s ofXXcenturypublisherAlexanderPaskalev.

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Asphalted roadstoeach site.
Capacity of up to 10 peopleper floorand 20 in the yard


The Pascalev house -exhibition "Urban Life- XIXcentury"
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Национален конкурс-фестивал „С песните на Ари”, Хасково