Armenian Church Surp Stepannos (St. Stephen)





Location 11 “Dobrudzha” Str., Haskovo city, Haskovo municipality


Chronology Renaissance
History and description

In the first decades of the 20th century Haskovo Armenian community gradually developed and strengthened. Their main goal now is to create a liturgical space. At a meating of Armenian community, they decide two rooms located in the yard purchased by the community to be converted into a chapel. Middle wall collapse and merge the two rooms, turning them into a chapel. One corner is a shrine as the wall is an icon of the Virgin Mary, and on both sides - two large candles. In the middle is placed VEM car brought from the church in High - kyuh . On August 15, 1925, Assumption, the building was handed over to the church board. The first floor is designated for the church named "Surp Stepannos" and the upper floor - for the school.

Interesting facts Do you know …

... In the last decades of the 19th century, the Armenians living in Turkey were threatened. They had to take refuge in a peaceful, free and secure state. In 1880 part of the Armenians in Edirne immigrated to Bulgaria. After a long wandering in search of a place for a better life in 1882, tens of Armenian families settle in Haskovo.
... New Haskovo people were mainly occupied with crafts - goldsmith, watchmaker, etc. and as trade. For a short time recover and start living a quiet life. With good behavior, they quickly won the respect of his fellow citizens.

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