The Monument of Virgin Mary and the bell tower





Location city of Haskovo, Haskovo municipality

The monument was inaugurated on the feast of the Nativity of the Virgin September 8, 2003 and consecrated by Archbishop Arseny.

History and description

The Highest in the world statue of the Holy Virgin Mary with the Infant was built to convey the respect, love and gratitude of the people to the Mother of God. The monument was inaugurated by a traditional water-sanctifying ritual by Archbishop Arseny in 2003. In 2005 it was included into the book of Guinness World Records, and since 2009 it was also entered into the List of the Hundred National Tourist Sights in Bulgaria.
The authors of the statue are Petyo Alexandrov, Nikola Stoyanov and team. It is made of polymer concrete and weighs 120 tons. The overall height of the monument is 32.8 meters, and its attractiveness is supplemented by The Nativity of the Virgin chapel, which was built insidethe base of the statue. The Yamacha Hill on which the Statue stands offers a fascinating breathtaking view over the city.
The idea to build the Monument of Virgin Mary belonged to the Mayor of Haskovo Georgi Ivanov, and was embraced and supported with donations by the general public of Haskovo. The symbolism was quite intentional rather than randomly selected. The Mother of God has always been considered to be the Patroness of the city. During the millennial history of the city, the Nativity of Virgin Mary has always been revered as one of the most important holy-days, and by Decision of the Municipal Board the 8–th of September was proclaimed to be the Day of Haskovo.
The Bell Tower in the town of Haskovo
In the summer of 2010, next to the Monument of Virgin Mary in the city of Haskovo, the edifice of the Belfry was built up. In years of spiritual poverty and skepticism, Haskovo residents have once again gave way to their - let me say - Renaissance creative drive! It took nearly half a million Bulgarian leva to build this enlightening Christian monument and, please note the fact that all the funding was collected in less than a year entirely from donations!
Rising to nearly thirty meters, the Belfry next to the Virgin Mary Monument in the city of Haskovo, is one of the highest on the Balkan Peninsula. On top of it there are eight bells of varying size and total weight little over one tonne.
The Belfry is open to visitors every day and due to the breathtaking views it offers from the top, it has been quickly beloved as a favorite destination of both residents and guest of the city of Haskovo.

Interesting facts Do you know …

... In the 80s of the last century pyramid pedestal as the Virgin today was a draft monument in memory of the five persons killed Haskovo remsisti. Truncated pyramid was built in 1978.
... Monument Mary not listed in World Records with all their height - the part of the halo over the head of the statue of the Blessed Virgin Mary (1 m and 80 cm) is not recognized by Guinness.
… the woman that takes care Monument Mary from the very beginning to this day is named Mary.

Status of the cultural site

In 2005it was inscribed inthe Guinness World Records. Also participates inthe list of hundred national Bulgarian sites.

Other sites nearby

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The road to the site is suitable for all vehicles, and behind the monument, next to the bell tower is located a free parking that accommodates up to two buses and 10 car.

Working time

Every day:
December, January, February, - 08.30 – 18.00;
March, April, May, September, October - 08.30 – 20.00;
June, July, August: 08.30 – 21.30;
Since openingin 2003, there is not a singleday off.


Tel.: 038 603 300


  • Celebrate theDay ofHaskovo: 01-08. September-concerts, exhibitions,fairYamacha, kart racing, drifts, a parade ofvintage carsand more.
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