Ancient Rome villa Armira





Name Ancient Rome villa Armira
Location city of Ivailovgrad
History and description

Villa Armira is one of the earliest and most accurately dated villa complexes from the Roman era, studied in Bulgaria. She is an outstanding architectural monument from 2000 years ago. This is the most sumptuously decorated private house (palace) of the Roman period, discovered in the Bulgarian lands.
The villa was a center of land tenure, founded by Thracian rich aristocratic family.
Place to build a house (home owners) has been specially selected. It corresponds to sprout up on such constructions described in the ancient Roman authors Varon and Columbia, research found that say that a house must be built up big time, but not on the road, in a beautiful area, near water, in the southern slope and the important to good neighbors.
The walls of the corridors and the rooms were decorated with frescoes in red, white, black, green and yellow color. Schemes and decoration met last Pompeian style in painting.

Interesting facts

Do you know …
The site became popular under the name Villa "Armira" –after the name of the small river on whose bank was the mansion built many centuries ago.

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