“Holy trinity” Monaster





Location Ustrem village, Topolovgrad municipality
Established XI-XII century
History and description

"Holy Trinity" Monastery is located 8 km south east from Topolovgrad in the area of village of Ustrem. It is situated at the foot of a steep and goes the small river called the Monastery. According to Ottoman documents the Monastery originated from the Second Bulgarian State. In XI-XII century, about 500 meters above the monastery existed rock church called "The Old Church", for whose relationship with the monastery there is the following legend. During the iconoclasm in Byzantium (725-843) the cave secretly gathered for prayer Christians from the area and hid in her two icons of the Apostles Peter and Paul and the Holy Trinity. One day old goatherd dreamed that he is visited by St. Peter, carrying in hands the keys and asked him why he kept the icons in the cave.
- "Here we gather and pray . - Replied the goatherd, and adds - Who are you?";
- "I am St. Peter, who opens and closes the churches.";
-“Give me a key and I can open a church " - begged the old man.
St. Peter gave him, he sold the goats and with the help of local people raised "St. St. Peter and Paul" church, in which the chapel of the Second Bulgarian Empire remained a built behind the altar . There are several outbuildings forming monastery complex.

Interesting facts Do you know …

...From the roof ofthe cave"The Oldchurch" tearsof water, once thoughtto be curativeand in majorholidaysof thousands ofsick peoplecomehere toreceive healing.

Status of the cultural site Monument of national importance.
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NationalPeople's Assembly ''Holy Trinity'' annual event city of Topolovgrad, TopolovgradmunicipalityHaskovo region,in the period22.06.2013 - 23.06.2013.