Rock Thracian sanctuary “Paleokastro”





Location city of Topolovgrad
History and description

Thracian and ancient fortress Paleokastro was sunny sanctuary Bronze age fortified in early antiquity and used to XII century. It is situated on a low point, 2 km west of Topolovgrad, in the northern foot of the Sakar mountain. It is assumed that the castle was built by the Thracians, is renewed by the Byzantines and Bulgarians. The fortress wall was built of stones mortared. The castle has an elongated shape in the form of arrowhead, facing southeast. The greatest width in the middle of the fort is about 60 m, and the length of about 190 m. The castle has an excellent view in all directions to the Monastery Heights Bakadzhika, Strandzha and the Balkan mountain. Ruins of the fortress wall and scattered rocks can be found in the area. It is assumed that the castle was built by the Thracians; the last wall was built by the Byzantines. There was a Thracian sanctuary. This is indicated by the 150 stone discs depicting the sun.

Interesting facts Do you know …

… Rocks ofPaleokastro are hidingan ancientmystery-150rockdiscsdepictingthe Sun orthe Moon andthe Sun.Images areseeminglyno particularorder andsequence. They are with different diameter,one isconcave andthe otherconvex, some in groupsand others-lonely.

Other sites nearby

  • Thracian royal house - the "Tatar masha" area, the village of Knyazhevo, Topolovgrad Municipality;
  • Monastery "Holy Trinity" near the village Ustrem, Topolovgrad Municipality;
  • Thracian city Drongilons. Knyazhevo village, Topolovgrad Municipality;
  • Royal dolmen Byalata treva, Hlyabovo village, Topolovgrad Municipality;
  • Megalithic circle around funerals village of Bulgarian Polyana, Topolovgrad Municipality;


The road tothe fortressweanoff the roadfrom city of Topolovgrad. To the village of Hlyabovo, climbs, and then goes down.The hill on whichthe fortressis can be seen from that point. Through a dirty road a carcanreach up to about230mfromthe fortress. It is advisableif you are notall-terrain vehicleto continueon foot.