The Alexandrovo tomb and the Museum Center "Thracian Art Of Eastern Rhodopes"





Name The Alexandrovo tomb and the Museum Center "Thracian Art Of Eastern Rhodopes"
Location Alexandrovo village, Haskovo municipality
History and description

The tomb in the vicinity of the village of Aleksandrovo dates back to the IV century BC, and is one of the most prominent monuments of the ancient Thracian culture. It was discovered in 2000 by the famous archaeologist Georgi Kitov (1943 - 2008). Its impressive size ranks the tomb among the most monumental ones on the Bulgarian lands. The exceptionally well-preserved frescoes enrich with new data our knowledge and notions of the Thracian religious rituals, cults, weapons, clothing and lifestyle.
The building has played the role of heroon (temple-mausoleum). Impressive figures of horses and detail presented harness, which according to the color is of gold, silver and bronze applications. Applications’ location on the straps, saddles and breast is important for the interpretation of already known sets. Over the heads of the horses are depicted decorations shaped as labrys.
The newly built Museum Center "Thracian Art Of Eastern Rhodopes" is located near the mound with the original tomb. There is a modern research center with laboratories equipped with the latest equipment for restoration and conservation. Central part in the museum center is occupied by a copy of Alexander tomb. Precise 1:1 are recreated elements of the architecture and frescoes in the tomb. Amongst the most popular exhibits at the museum in Alexandrovo are the found in the northern part of the Sakar Mountain 98 gold trim ( 4500-4000 BC) .

Interesting facts

Do you know …
Alexander tomb is included in the "BRITANIKA" encyclopedia.
... the best preserved figural frieze depicts scenes from the royal hunt. Hunting is one of the most popular topics in Thracian art. Scenes from it can be found on dozens of monuments, ornaments, vessels, votive tablets and others. In the minds of the ancient Thracians the order in the universe can be established by victory over the forces of chaos. Through beating boar - the embodiment of chaos, the ruler restored world order and acquire new, higher status….

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