Karakochak Tepe Rock altars





Name Karakochak Tepe Rock altars
Location Karakochak Tepe / Karakochak hill/
History and description

From preserved up to date artifacts it is clear that in the period in which Vize was the capital of Thrace, people were settled on the Karakochak hillside and around it. As a result of researches done is found that the region is a sacred village like those of Iron Age in Europe.
Karakochak hill is known nowadays significant Thracian village in Eastern Thrace, located in the northern foot of the Strandzha Mountain (Star).

Interesting facts

Do you know …
… Karakochak Hill is a place to live for Thracian colonies.
… Thracian settlements in Vize and the surrounding area today attract the attention of researchers.

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