Sherbetdar Hasan Bey mosque





Name Sherbetdar Hasan Bey mosque
Location Kale neighbourhood – Vize/Kirklareli
Dates form 14th century AD
Chronology Ottoman Empire
History and description

In 14th century was converted into a mosque Mir-i Ekber Hasan Bey of Gallipoli. The piece has a square shape with a cubic body and is covered with a dome built of rubble, cut stones, bricks and materials used.

Interesting facts

Do you know …
… By 14th century DC, the mosque is used as a synagogue (Jewish temple).
… After 14th century DC. the mosque is used as a dervish monastery house of worship and as a mosque up to date.

Cultural status Significant site registered as an immobile cultural heritage.
Website – Contacts – 02883181021
Events Celebrations of Hıdrellez (St. George) are organised every year in May.