Vize Fortress (Inner and Outer castle fortress)





Name Vize Fortress (Inner and Outer castle fortress)
Location Vize Hisar Tepe (Hisar hill)
Dates form 2nd century AD
Chronology Roman Empire - Byzantine - Ottoman Empire - Republic
History and description

Vize fortress surrounds the northern and western parts of the city. It is believed that it was first built in the year 72-76 AD. As a result of the conducted studies a wall inscription from wall repair was found dating from the Roman era in Vize. The inscription dating from 2nd century says: "Congratulations, Vize fortified walls were built by the winner and eternal master of the universe Caesar Adrian Aritonin about Caesar Augustus with donations from Autos - son of Firmis Aulus Pareas and Kentos, Dautos - son of Kentos, and Rabdos – son of Hayakintos". Vize fortress is located in the highest point of the town where the hill is surrounded by double walls. Repaired during the Byzantium by Emperor Justinian I. Built of equally large cut stones placed one upon the other, the distance between them is filled with a strong binder .
In the walls, located in the northern part of the city are used equally cut blue stones. It is understood that this building was renovated in the late Byzantine era (Palaeologan dynasty).
Building the tallest tower and the tower, located along the river in the southwest is commenced at the time of the Komnenos dynasty at the end of 12 century and was completed during Palaeologan dynasty.

Interesting facts

Do you know …
... At the bottom of the tower, whose construction began in 12 century during the Komnenos dynasty and completed during the Palaeologan Dynasty, is situated a vaulted cellar and now is completely covered with shrubs. Located directly on them points beamed openly suggest that the basement had several floors. In the middle of the tower, there is a hole with approximately 10 x 15 meters. In front of the tower against the walls is situated a rectangular entrance. Furthermore, although in the front part of the river can be seen bars, in the part, where the water flow coming from the mount there are no bars. Round Tower, located in the lowest part of the fortress, is considered to have a connection with this water tower. With the likely importance of this water tower was great at stopping the water during the attacks on the fortress.

Cultural status Significant fortress registered as an immobile cultural heritage.
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Events Every year during the last week of August, various events during the Festival of History and Culture are organized.